The Tycoons Daughter

The Tycoon’s Daughter

by Caitlyn Duffy

Emma’s known on the campus of the prestigious Treadwell Academy for having it all; her father’s the owner of Hunter Lodge, a massive fashion corporation, and Emma’s gained international fame as the cover model of its popular, sexy catalog. She’s gorgeous and she knows it, has a cute boyfriend at the nearby St. John’s Preparatory Academy for boys, and rules the school with her best friend, Paige.

But everything changes the summer before junior year when Emma gains ten pounds and her father’s creative team decides she’s too heavy to put on the catalog cover. Mortified over being fired, she develops an obsession with losing weight that quickly escalates into an eating disorder. Emma vows to gain revenge for her dismissal from Hunter Lodge by taking over the runway modeling world by storm, and when Emma puts her mind to something… look out.

Surprising even herself, Emma accomplishes everything she sets out to do; she finds a powerful agent, lands desirable modeling jobs, and starts building a name for herself. However, all of Emma’s success comes at the price of her physical and emotional health, and she knows she’s in serious trouble when she realizes that it’s impossible to be perfect when everyone’s definition of the word is different.

For ages 13+

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