The Keepers of Faubourg-Marigny, Part 2 by Kristin Kulzer

The Keepers of Faubourg-Marigny, Part 2

In Part 2 of The Keepers of Faubourg-Marigny series, Alene researches shipwrecks in the Bywater neighborhood in the hope of finding out more about the coins that Perrin has given her. Her professor has provided her with reason to believe that the coins may have been excavated from a sunken ship, and he tells her they’re valuable enough to put her through college… and pay for luxuries she can barely imagine. But Alene’s not interested in selling the coins for a small fortune just yet; she has to find out Perrin’s real identity and what his connection to her is. She’s beginning to remember why her family moved away from the Faubourg-Marigny District when she was a child, and has a terrifying feeling that it had everything to do with her childhood imaginary friend named Perrin. When Alene is confronted by the shopkeeper of a voodoo store in the French Quarter, she becomes convinced that something is happening to her, and it’s related to Perrin. Even though she’s acutely aware of danger, she suspects he has some kind of a hold on her that she can’t resist.
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