About Us

We are a boutique (and by boutique, we mean, three people and three cats) publishing and marketing company in New York City specializing in books and entertainment property for the youth market. That’s not to say we aren’t avid readers of everything from blogs to cookbooks to historical biographies of late presidents – we are! But since we are especially passionate about the following, we think our personal enthusiasm brings a lot more to our authors’ work, so our specialties are:

      YA fiction


      Children’s fiction


      Graphic novels for youth audiences


      Television, film and digital properties for youth audiences


    What we are definitely not interested in being contacted about (not that there’s anything wrong with the items in the list below, they’re just not in our wheelhouse):

Anything fiction or non-fiction authored by a celebrity or reality TV personality

      Self-help books


      Chick-lit that deals with subject matter too adult for teen audiences



Our passion is working with authors to story edit, to refine characters, to develop series’ to create longer story arcs for characters, and then put stories into the marketplace where appropriate audiences will find them and love them.